Custom built 19" racks
Custom recording studio furniture for the API 1604 Mixing desk
Eurorack Custom built cases
Custom built racks for Modular Synthesisers
Avid S6 Studio Furniture
Audient ASP4816 Recording studio Furniture
StudioRacks MiniMaster
Avid C24, Aurora mixer in a side car.
Desk for Audient ASP4816
StudioRacks MiniMaster Desk
Roni Size with StudioRacks MiniMaster
Recording studio desk The Minimaster
AH GSR 24 Allen & Heath recording studio furniture
composers recording studio desk
Audioplexus Mastering 1
Cranc Post Production Workstation
Doepfer LMK2+ keyboard built in
Aux Tech Mastering1
ash veneer large 40u custom studiorack
18u cherry veneer custom studioracks
studio furniture uk
050 Recording Studio Desk Studio Equipment UK
020 custom desk atonal
Composers Studio Desk with built in keyboard
Beliefspace Studios Desk for Audient ASP4816
140 BlackSaloonStudios Recording Studio Furniture
Workstation desk for Neve
410 Hospital Radio Station Broadcast Furniture
390 Studio Racks Rack Mounts
240 bf air studios composers room 01
225 Home Muiltimedia Studio
200 ssl studioracks workstaion