Doepfer Studio Desks

Over the years we have designed and created a range of music studio desks that are customised to fit Doepfer keyboards. I’ve highlighted some of these below. If you are interested in something similar, please get in touch with me at

This is a custom desk we did a few years ago for the composer Dru Masters, when he resided at the Tileyard Studios in London.

The studio desk was designed to house a Doepfer keyboard with covers that could be split to access parts of the keyboard.

The desk provides two 19 inch racks with 10U of rack space in each. The wood trimming is solid oak, which acts a nice contrast to the black racks and top. 

The desktop curves at the back to provide space for speaker stands, which is lightly mimicked at the front to provide easier access to the racking equipment. 

Like many of our desks, we’ve added cable management on the underside of the desk with easy access holes at the back of the desktop. 

Dru Masters Studio
Integrated doepfer keyboard
Dru Masters custom Doepfer desk

A custom studio desk made from walnut and a black marmoleum desktop with solid walnut trim. 

This is a more recent example of one of our custom studio desks with Doepfer keyboard integration. 

The desk has two racks that double as legs, one providing  19″ racking and the other is storage space allowing for a computer tower. 

The desk is angled at the back to allow space for the speaker stands. 

Doepfer keyboard integrated walnut studio desk
Doepfer keyboard integrated music studio desk