Music Studio Desks

We have been building and supplying custom music desks for our clients for over 20 years – from this extensive experience we have built up a wide knowledge base of the very best practical and aesthetic design requirements to build your perfect music studio desk.  Our range of standardised desks for music studios are designed to be quick and easy to assemble, as well as offering flexibility to tweak the desks to suit your needs.

Using the same materials we use on our custom projects we know that the quality will stand the test of time and with the ability to tweak the studio desk to your needs, we are confident we have a desk for music production for everybody.


If you are interested in finding out more or getting a quote please call us on 07881707537 or email Any questions we will be happy to help.

So you’re looking for a music studio desk? As the centerpiece of any working music production environment, a good studio desk is among the most important things you can invest in. Much more than simply a surface on which you lay your equipment; a dedicated music studio desk will transform your workflow.

Music studios are, inherently, full of equipment and finding the right places to house this gear can be problematic. We’ve likely all had to make choices, or swap out instruments or equipment to make room for new stuff. With a proper home production desk, designed with music in mind, you won’t have to compromise anymore. StudioRacks crafts specialist, dedicated music production desks which will take your studio to the next level.

What makes a good music studio desk?

Music studio desks differ from regular office desks in a number of small but important ways. Obviously, it’s possible to use regular office furniture but with a studio desk, you gain so much more. From adding verticality for monitor speakers and screens, through to space for you to install your outboard rack gear; it’s a dedicated space for the sole purpose of recording and production.

Ergonomics and design are hugely important too. You want to give yourself the best chance to make and produce your music without feeling like the desk is working against you. 

What is the right music studio desk for me?

The best music production desk for you will largely depend on a couple of factors. Firstly, the way you prefer to work will dictate a number of things, from the size of desk you’ll need through to the amount of space you’ll need for equipment. Some producers like to surround themselves with every piece of gear they own, ready to record instantaneously. Others prefer to keep a small nucleus of trusted equipment to hand, but need the flexibility to swap out items without having to rearrange everything. 

The size of the space you work in will naturally have a say in what the best music desk for you will be. We’d always advise choosing the largest desk your space – and budget – will allow because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that producers only amass larger collections of equipment. Better to buy as big as you are comfortable with, rather than buying small and then having to upgrade in the future.  

What benefits will I get from using a dedicated music studio desk?

The first thing you’ll notice when you start using a studio desk is that everything is geared towards helping you produce music. The equipment you’ll need, from the rack units to your instruments, is all situated within arm’s reach and enables you to concentrate on your creativity. 

How do I order a studio desk from StudioRacks?

Simple! Email or call us on (+44) 7881 707537 and we’ll talk you through the process of choosing the best studio desk for your needs.