Using Power Supplies to Tidy Your Work Space

1U Power Supply UnitOne big advantage of having a studio rack is that you organize your equipment in an orderly way, helping you develop a productive and creative workflow. Keeping your leads and wiring tidy can only help. I’ve seen how some of our customers have been using these power supplies in their set ups, so I thought I’d pass on some ideas.

The 1U power supplies offer a neat solution at a good price. By fitting them into the rear rack strips, you can straightaway reduce the number of mains leads coming out from the back of a floor rack. Instead of, say, 5 leads you would just have the one. Much more manageable, less unsightly.

An alternative is to fit a power strip to the front of a rack, perhaps to the lower 2U that’s not so easy to use for kit. By doing this you can feed the mains leads directly beneath the supply. Add a half U blank panel to tidy up the overall appearance and keep the mains leads heading securely in the right direction.

If you loosely cable tie and bundle the excess cables in the dead, hidden void at the front of the rack you have a lot more space and a lot less tangling for all the audio and MIDI cables at the rear

Having the switches at the front makes it much easier to be selective about which gear is switched on for use, which is great for those bits of kit that you don’t necessarily use every day. If you’re thinking of having a new desk or rack built you might want to take the power supply into account from the outset and allow a couple of U at the bottom to help tidy your cabling.

We have a great offer on power supplies at the moment - why not take a look?

Hope this gives you some food for thought! Other ideas are always welcome, and if you have any thoughts on things you might want to see in future newsletters please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Studio Rack with 13 amp power 1U insert
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