Music Studio Workstation Desk


Whether you are working from a home studio or a purpose-built professional studio our studio workstation desks offer the perfect solution to house your equipment in an ergonomic and stylish way. Our studio workstations come in a range of finishes and can be customised to accommodate any changes which might suit your needs better than the standardised options.

What is a studio workstation?  

There’s no clear definition of what a music studio workstation is and how to define it amongst the wide range of terms used to describe a desk for music production in general. However, we feel that a workstation is a desk built specifically for practical use – helping to get the most from your work/hobby, whether that be music related (like in our case) or arts/crafts. As long as the desk is built specifically to accommodate the task(s) at hand then these would sit under a workstation header. 


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